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Chatham Gilder Howell Pittman provides first-rate legal representation to personal injury victims throughout North Mississippi. If you or a loved one has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you deserve just compensation.

Our attorneys have a demonstrated track record of success, having recovered millions of dollars in damages on behalf of our clients. We offer free consultations, and there is never a fee until we recover for you. Contact our Southaven, Memphis, or Hernando office to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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North Mississippi Personal Injury Attorneys Helping Victims Since 1932

Chatham Gilder Howell Pittman is dedicated to helping injured people just like you recover the compensation they deserve. You can depend on us to provide you with powerful representation when you need it most. Knowing that many of our clients have no experience with the legal system, we will guide you through the process and stand by you from start to finish.

Will My Personal Injury Case Go To Court?

Though you may be uneasy about going to trial, most injury claims can be settled through settlement negotiations with an insurance company. We are not afraid to go up against big corporations that put profits before people and will make sure that you are treated justly.

Our capable attorneys are assertive negotiators who never settle for less than the full value of a claim. When insurers fail to make good on their promises, we are always prepared to litigate. Rest assured, we will protect your rights in and out of the courtroom.

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We Offer A Wide Range of Additional Legal Services

Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability

If you suffer an illness or injury that prevents you from working, you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Obtaining these vital public benefits is not easy because you must be able to prove that you have a qualifying impairment. Whether you need assistance filing a claim or appealing a denial, we can help. Our dedicated disability lawyers have comprehensive knowledge of the eligibility requirements for obtaining benefits and a proven history of achieving positive outcomes.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation

No one expects to be injured on the job, but workplace injuries are common in North Mississippi. Although injured workers are covered under the state’s workers’ compensation program, insurance carriers and employers often attempt to contest valid claims. Let our attorneys assist you with all aspects of your workers’ compensation claim and help you obtain the benefits you need and deserve.

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Being accused of a crime can be frightening; however, being arrested does not mean that you will be convicted as long as you have an experienced criminal defense attorney in your corner.

Don't Settle for a Big Box Firm

We are not only relentless personal injury lawyers, we’re neighbors who have longstanding ties to the community. When you call us, you will immediately be connected to one of our attorneys who will listen to your account of what happened and explore all your legal options. You can trust us to handle your injury claim with the personal attention it deserves. We promptly return all phone calls and are always available to respond to your questions and concerns.

Whether you have been seriously injured in a car accident, harmed due to a surgical mistake, developed an illness after being exposed to toxic substances, or injured due to any other negligent action, we will work tirelessly to achieve a successful outcome. Above all, we will make your case our cause and fight for the maximum compensation you deserve.

Once you become our client, we will take care of all the details, including:

  • Investigating the incident that led to your injuries
  • Identifying and interviewing witnesses
  • Collecting medical evidence that documents your injuries
  • Negotiating a settlement with opposing counsel
  • Filing a personal injury lawsuit if necessary
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