$2 Mil.

Distracted Driving

On January 31, 2021, Ryan Lester, an employee of Civil Link, LLC, an engineering firm in Southaven, Mississippi, was operating a company vehicle in rural Marshall County, Mississippi, when he carelessly crossed the center line and struck the vehicle of Deatrice Armstrong head-on. The collision killed her and injured her three children who were in the car with her. Representatives for the deceased and the injured parties filed suit in Marshall County Circuit Court alleging that Mr. Lester had been distracted while driving and that his negligent actions were imputed to his employer since he was operating a company truck. The company settled for its insurance limits of 2 million (1 million in liability coverage plus 1 million in umbrella coverage.)

CITATION: Aydon Falkner et al v. Civil-Link, LLC et al, Marshall County Circuit Court Civil Action No. CV 2021-041.

PLAINTIFF COUNSEL: Chatham Gilder Howell Pittman Members, Jamie W. Howell, Jr. and Jefferson Gilder, both of Southaven, MS.

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