No matter what type of case, we highly recommend Mr. Pittman to anyone needing an attorney

When a terrible incident greatly impacted our family we searched for the best solution available to us. We discovered an attorney, Mr. Steven W. Pittman at Chatham, Gilder, Howell, Pittman Law Firm in Hernando, Mississippi.

We made an appointment with Mr. Pittman, sat down with him, and discussed the details of this incident. Mr. Pittman was very forthcoming and honest with us explaining that a case like ours is very difficult to prove and accomplish successful results.

Right up front, we knew what we were facing. We worked very closely with Mr. Pittman providing all the information and records he requested. He patiently led us every step of the way keeping us informed so that at no time did we feel in the dark or wonder what was going on.

Mr. Pittman was very calm, confident, and professional. At all times he treated us, Seniors, with dignity, respect, and kindness. Although faced with many frustrating circumstances he just wouldn’t let us get down or discouraged.

After many hours of diligent work, Mr. Pittman accomplished success with our case bringing it to a very good settlement. Mr. Pittman will definitely be our attorney should the need arise in the future.

No matter what type of case, we highly recommend Mr. Pittman to anyone needing an attorney. He is very intelligent, experienced, and capable of meeting one’s needs, even against all odds.

— Anonymous

Mr. Gilder Was Able To Settle My Case And Get Me What I Deserved!

I have never looked towards pursuing a lawsuit before nor would I imagine having to but unfortunately I was injured at work at a customer’s location and thought that the company should be held responsible for their employee’s actions. I reached out to Jefferson Gilder after other places such as Morgan and Morgan and NST TV Lawyers would not take my case. Mr. Gilder without hesitation told me right away that I had a valid claim and I hired him as my attorney. After over a year of back-and-forth negotiations, Mr. Gilder was finally able to settle my case and get me what I deserved for my pain and suffering. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a good attorney. Thanks again Jefferson for all you have done for me.

— Christopher

Steve and his team did a great job helping me with my case after my auto accident!

Steve and his team did a great job helping me with my case after my auto accident! He took the pressure off of me from having to deal with the insurance companies, hospitals, billing departments, etc. by myself. Super great guy, awesome staff, and all around warming place to be. Thanks for all your help Steve!

— Seth A

They are very reasonable and there very good at what they do

They are very very good they help me get back a lot of money. They are very reasonable and there very good at what they do. The insurance company tried to offer me a lil amount of money but they turn it down and I got more money back than I excepted. They also call and check on me after I settled my case with them. So if you ever need a lawyer go with Gilder & Howell.

— Latoya M.

The Service Was Beyond Exceptional!

Attorney Pittman has been my attorney for the past five years. The service was beyond exceptional. Mr. Pittman went through the entire process with me. I was able to contact him at anytime and he would respond the same day with any questions I had. I have had a very good experience with Mr. Pittman, no complaints, no issues. His staff was always very professional and helpful. I highly recommend Attorney Pittman. Thank you!

— Martin Towery

Thanks to all the Staff for your Professionalism, Compassion and Understanding.

Steven was so nice and empathetic! I knew if I needed anything all I needed to do was call. The girls in the office were also so nice and understanding, even though at times I knew I was needy. Thanks to all the staff for your professionalism, compassion and understanding.

— Shelly James

Attorney Howell, I trust you

Having Jamie Howell as my Attorney was one of the better decisions I’ve made. He represented me in a personal injury case and I was more than pleased. Attorney Howell was professional, focused, and knowledgeable of his craft. Attorney Howell proves to me that there is still honor in man. While handling my case and many other cases, he returned my calls in a timely manner. Attorney Howell showed me that he truly cares about people. Attorney Howell and Gilder & Howell Law Firm is my family. I highly recommended Attorney Howell and Gilder & Howell Law Firm to my family and friends. Attorney Howell, I trust you.

— Pamela H.
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