Who Is Responsible For A Parking Lot Accident?

Many stores and shopping centers are especially busy during the holiday season. Oftentimes, this means that there are more parking lot accidents during this time of year. While the good news is that motorists are typically driving slower in parking lots and cause less severe crashes and injuries, the not-so-good news is that determining fault can be difficult in these instances.

Common Parking Lot Accident Scenarios

Accidents in parking lots happen all the time. While most do not result in serious injuries, that’s not to say that it can’t happen. Whiplash and neck injuries are some of the most common injuries sustained in parking lot accidents between two vehicles.

Pedestrians, especially small and young children, are also at an increased risk of sustaining more serious injuries when hit by cars in parking lots, as they lack physical protection around them.

Some of the most common parking lot accident scenarios include:

  • Two vehicles backing into each other when exiting parking spaces
  • A driver backing into an oncoming vehicle
  • A driver pulling forward into oncoming traffic
  • Two vehicles vying for the same parking spot and colliding together

Why Right of Way Rules Matter

Fault determinations are important for drivers who are injured and sustain other damages in parking lot accidents. Ultimately, determining who is liable comes down to which driver had the right-of-way in the parking lot.

As a general rule, the motorist in the through lanes have the right-of-way, meaning that cars attempting to either back out of spaces or merge into the lane must yield to those vehicles. An exception to this rule would be, for instance, if a driver in the through lane failed to obey “STOP” or “YIELD” signage.

In the case of two drivers pulling out at the same time and colliding, determining fault can be difficult because both drivers had a responsibility to keep a proper lookout and take reasonable care to allow other cars to pass. In these cases, fault may be determined to be shared.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that pedestrians (and bicyclists) will alwayshave the right-of-way and drivers must yield to them at all times. In almost every injury case involving pedestrians and vehicles, the car driver will be found to be at fault.

How You Can Stay Safe

Fortunately, there are steps that all drivers and shoppers can take to reduce the risk of injuries sustained in parking lots:

  • Reduce your speed
  • Adjust your mirrors before pulling out
  • Turn your whole body to look behind you before pulling out
  • Use turn signals to indicate your intentions
  • Before turning, look multiple times for other cars, pedestrians, children, and shopping carts
  • Obey all parking lot signage

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