What To Do If You’re Injured On Someone Else’s Property

Injuries can happen when you least them to, hence why they are typically called “accidents.” It’s important to keep in mind that many injuries may not be ill-intentioned—that is, someone did not mean to cause another person harm. However, even just having poorly-maintained premises can result in injuries to guests and visitors. Whether you’re at a store or on someone’s home, here’s what you need to do next after an accident on another property.

Get Medical Attention

It may seem obvious, but you should always seek medical attention after being injured on another property. Some injuries are not apparent at first and may take days or even weeks to begin showing symptoms. It’s better to be safe and get a proper medical diagnosis—plus, your medical records will show the extent of your injuries as well as how they occurred.

Report The Injury

Far too often, those who sustain injuries on another property fail to report the accident. Later in time, they may not be able to pursue a premises liability case because there was no proof that it ever happened or when. Don’t make this mistake!

If you’re injured at a store or on another commercial property, report the injury to the store manager immediately; they will notify their own insurance company, which will then launch an investigation into the matter. If the injury occurs on a residential property, you can file a police report or incident report to create a paper trail.

Gather Evidence For A Premises Liability Claim

In order to successfully file a premises liability claim, you must gather evidence to show what happened. Photos and videos are crucial pieces of evidence when it comes to showing what factors contributed to your accident.

If you are unable to take photos yourself, ask someone else to take them for you. Additionally, if anyone witnessed the accident, you can take their initial statement; make sure to ask for their name and contact information.

If you called 9-1-1 or local law enforcement for emergency assistance, your attorney can also obtain these recordings and related documents with their corresponding time stamps.

Do Not Sign Anything Without A Premises Liability Attorney Present

Following an accident on someone else’s property, the insurance company of the property owner will most likely try to contact you and attempt to get a statement regarding your injuries and specific details about how they occurred.

The adjuster may ask you to sign a release form or even offer you a settlement offer quickly. However, you should not talk to anyone or sign anything before hiring an attorney who can ensure that your statement is not used against you and you don’t take a lowball settlement offer.

If you have been injured on another property, you may be entitled to reimbursement for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Our Mississippi premises liability attorneys have 100+ years of combined legal experience and can help you pursue your legal options.

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