What Is Considered Reasonably Safe?

In our previous blogs, we discussed premises liability laws in Mississippi and what to do if you are injured on someone else’s property. In short, premises liability laws require property owners to keep their premises “reasonably safe” from dangers and potential hazards. But how does the law constitute what is considered reasonably safe?

Expectation of Safety

Generally, any condition that the owner of the premises could expect to potentially injure someone is their responsibility to fix and make safe. A reasonably safe premises is also considered one that is free of hazards that any reasonable visitor or person should expect.

For example, it’s reasonable for a visitor to expect that the floor they are walking on is dry. Therefore, it is considered within the property owner’s duty of care to ensure that the floor is free of spills.

The physical attributes of reasonably safe premises will vary depending on specific circumstances and factors. Depending on the type of property, you expect certain safety precautions taken.

If you are at an apartment complex, for instance, you may have an expectation that the coded gate is working and security guards are present throughout the premises at night. But if the coded gate is broken and there is no security working during the night, the property owner may be held liable if related injuries are the result of these factors.

Know Your Rights

Oftentimes, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to premises liability cases. Because these cases are so nuanced, it is crucial to hire a skilled attorney who can determine what your owed duty of care was and what conditions led to your accident.

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