Motorcyclist holding helmet equipment

What are the Helmet Laws in Mississippi

Motorcycle Riders Must Wear A Helmet

Motorcycle riders face several dangers on the roads each day and are unfortunately provided little protection compared to automobiles. Because of this, nearly all states enforce helmet laws to ensure the safety of riders. In Mississippi, all motorcycle drivers and passengers are required to wear a helmet. Not doing so could result in a misdemeanor offense.

What are the penalties for not wearing a helmet?

Under Mississippi Code § 63-9-11, riding without a helmet may result in fines and jail time. Since it’s classified as a misdemeanor offense, riders may not receive a fine greater than $100 or serve more than 10 days in jail. However, these penalties can increase if they are a repeat offender.

While the prospect of being fine may be a big enough deterrent, it’s also important to acknowledge that wearing a helmet has proven to reduce the risk of sustaining fatal head injuries in a crash. According to the National Safety Council, more than 26,000 lives have been saved by helmet use.

What about eye protection?

Furthermore, while many states require the use of eye protection for motorcycle riders, Mississippi does not. However, it can still be highly beneficial to reduce the risk of vision obstruction from bugs, dirt, or other environmental factors. Many motorcycle helmets also already come equipped with eye protection, so that may be something to look for when choosing which one to buy.

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Although not every motorcycle accident is preventable, doing what you can to ensure your safety if one does occur is crucial. Wearing a helmet is one small way that you can reduce the severity of injuries if in a crash.

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