Recognizing The Potential Hazards of Encountering A Drowsy Driver

As you start your day, you may wonder what scenarios you will encounter while out traveling on Mississippi roads. With a variety of potential concerns such as impaired or distracted drivers, being prepared for anything could be a method you use to safely reach your destinations. That’s why recognizing a drowsy driver is crucial to safely traveling.

While similar forms of negligence are some of the most common hazards you may face as a driver, they might not be the only risks you encounter. Drowsy drivers can exhibit many of the same behaviors as those who drive while intoxicated, and if you encounter a fatigued driver, the consequences could be dire.

Scenarios Worth Recognizing to Spot a Drowsy Driver

There are a variety of scenarios that can cause a person to become drowsy while behind the wheel, each of which could pose a threat to your safety and health. Some of the most common causes of drowsy driving may include the following:

  • Lack of sleep: Perhaps the most common cause of drowsiness is a general lack of rest, and drivers who fail to get enough sleep before hitting the road can create dangerous scenarios.
  • Work schedules: Studies indicate that individuals who work for extended hours each day or operate on shift schedules may also be more prone to experiencing fatigue while driving.
  • Medical conditions: Some medical conditions can also cause a person to experience frequent bouts with fatigue, and even certain prescription medications can increase the risk of drowsiness.
  • Time of day: Drivers who travel at night are inherently more susceptible to fatigue, and if you must travel at night, it might be in your best interests to proceed with caution.

In some cases, those who stay on the road for extended periods may be more susceptible to fatigue. Regardless of why it happens, if a drowsy driver hits you, you could suffer serious harm in the process.

What comes next?

Since fatigue-related collisions often occur unexpectedly, these incidents can have catastrophic results that could leave you with severe injuries and a possible need for long-term medical care. Following your accident, you may wish to pursue restitution through the civil justice system, but the process can be exceedingly complex. However, by obtaining advice from someone with experience in such intricate matters, you could become better prepared to pursue the full amount of compensation you’re entitled to receive through a personal injury claim.