Recent Case Results: Premises Liability And Prescription Error

The Chatham Gilder Howell Pittman legal team represents injury victims throughout the state of Mississippi in cases of car accidents, medical malpractice, prescription error, work injuries, and other incidents.

Below are two of our most recent case results from 2019:

  • A tenant was injured in a slip and fall accident in her apartment that resulted in head and eye injuries. The conditions which endangered the victim, a wet bathroom floor, were caused by plumbing issues that were never addressed by the apartment owners and management. The fall caused the victim’s retinas to detach — her injury claims were supported by a respected ophthalmologist. This Calhoun County, Mississippi case settled for $300,000.
  • An elderly plaintiff sustained life-threatening injuries due to a prescription error. We enlisted the help of medical experts who supported the victim’s claims and the prescription error’s role in causing his injuries. Following two years of litigation, this Lafayette County, Mississippi case settled for $350,000 during mediation. The damages accounted for the negligence of the liable parties and the victim’s resulting loss of enjoyment of life.

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