Preventing Serious Injury While at the Pool this Summer

As the summer heats up in North Mississippi, swimming pools become the go-to spots for cooling off and relaxing. However, if you’re planning to hit the pool, remember to prioritize safety so everyone can enjoy it without incident. Here are some straightforward and practical safety tips for pool-goers to follow so fun days under the sun don’t end in injury accidents.

Basic Swimming Skills

Encourage everyone in your family to learn basic swimming skills. Local community pools, YMCAs, and private instructors offer swimming lessons for all ages. Knowing how to swim reduces the risk of drowning and boosts confidence in the water.

Supervise Children Constantly

Never leave children unattended near a pool, even for a moment. Always ensure that an adult who can swim is actively watching children in and around the water. This direct supervision can prevent accidents and allows for immediate action in case of an emergency. If multiple adults are present, take turns being designated watchers so everyone remains vigilant.

Have a First Aid Kit and Emergency Contacts Handy

Keep a well-stocked first aid kit near the pool and ensure it is accessible to adults in case of minor injuries like cuts or bruises. Also, have a list of emergency contacts readily available, including local emergency services, so you can quickly call for help if a serious situation occurs. Being prepared for minor accidents and having quick access to emergency contacts can make a significant difference in emergency response times.

Learn CPR and Essential Water Rescue Skills

Prepare yourself for every possibility by learning CPR and basic water rescue skills. Many community centers offer classes that teach you how to perform CPR and rescue someone in trouble. These skills are essential in providing immediate help during water-related emergencies and can even save lives before professional medical help arrives.

Use Proper Swimming Aids for Beginners

If you or your children are not confident swimmers, use proper swimming aids like life vests or arm floaties. Ensure these aids are U.S. Coast Guard-approved. Swimming aids can provide buoyancy and prevent drowning, especially for less experienced swimmers in deeper water.

Establish and Enforce Pool Rules

Set clear rules for your pool area and ensure everyone follows them. Prohibit running, pushing, or rough play around the pool, as these actions can lead to slips and falls. Also, include rules against diving in shallow areas to prevent head and spinal injuries

Avoid Alcohol Around Water

Avoid consuming alcohol when swimming or supervising swimmers. Alcohol impairs judgment, balance, and coordination, which increases the risk of accidents in and around the pool. Staying sober ensures you are fully alert and capable of responding to any emergencies that arise.

Maintain Clear Water and Safe Surroundings

If you have your own pool, keep the pool water clean and clear so you can see all areas of the pool at all times. Regularly check and maintain proper chemical levels to avoid skin and eye irritation, and ensure the pool’s filtration system is functioning properly. Additionally, keep the pool area free of obstacles like toys or pool equipment that could cause tripping or injuries.

Check Pool Fences and Gates

Ensure fences and gates around your pool are secure and meet local safety standards. A properly functioning fence and self-latching gate can prevent children from entering pool areas unsupervised. Regularly inspect these barriers to ensure they are in good condition and repair any damage immediately to maintain a safe barrier around the pool.

Contact a Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer in Southern Mississippi

Even if you follow all these safety tips and prepare for every eventuality, swimming pool accidents can still happen. If you or someone you love suffers an injury at a pool in North Mississippi, reach out to Chatham Gilder Howell Pittman. We provide a free initial consultation where you can discuss your situation and explore your options for seeking compensation.

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