Long Term use of Talcum Powder Could Have Serious Health Effects

People have long used talcum power for a variety of reasons, but new information is coming to light that may impact how talcum power is used. A recent string of multimillion dollar lawsuits have been filed against the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson in regard to their talcum powder causing ovarian cancer in women.

The main claim of the lawsuits is that Johnson & Johnson not only chose to ignore evidence that their talcum powder had the potential to cause cancer, but also that they knowingly withheld the information from the public and from their customers. The evidence against them has been so compelling that in the last three lawsuits filed against them all juries have found them to be liable for damages. The money awarded has ranged from $55 million to $72 million.

Legal basis for claims

The American Cancer Society states that talcum, which is an exceptionally soft mineral, in its natural form contains asbestos. Asbestos has for decades been known to cause cancer and is most commonly known for causing cancer of the lungs due to being inhaled. Talcum is treated to remove any toxic chemicals before it is sold as powder, but there is a growing concern that there may be a link between the use of talcum powder and ovarian cancer in women.


So far, there have been over 1000 lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson. The most well know cases are the last three to have reached settlements. The most recent case, the case of Deborah Giannecchini, exemplifies the issues that have proven to sway the opinions of juries.

  • Use of Johnson & Johnson talcum powder for over 40 years.
  • Diagnoses of ovarian cancer.
  • Undergoing treatment for her cancer.

In one of the cases, damages were awarded to the family of a woman who had died from ovarian cancer. In other cases, Johnson & Johnson’s talcum supplier, Imerys Talc America, was also forced to pay damages to the plaintiffs.

These types of cases are still going on and are raising awareness of a potential health hazard. If you think you may have legal grounds for seeking damages because of health issues that came as a result of long-term exposure to talcum powder, it is highly suggested that you contact an experienced and knowledgeable legal professional. They will be able to assist you if you choose to form a case and will be able to guide you through the legal process.