How To Prepare Your Vehicle For A Road Trip

As the winter and holiday season approaches, many families across the country will be traveling to visit families and get a change of scenery. But before you even hit the road, you want to make sure that your vehicle is prepared for the journey so you can stay safe and prevent an unexpected breakdown.

Below, we provide you some ways that you can tackle preparing your car for a long road trip.

Car Maintenance

  • Tires. Check your tire pressure and the tread wear; ensure you have a spare in the back.
  • Regular Maintenance. Keep up with your vehicle’s regular maintenance by taking it to a mechanic.
  • Oil. Check the condition and level of your oil to ensure that all parts are properly lubricated.
  • Battery. Check your battery for corrosion, leaks, a swollen battery case, and a tight connection.
  • Safety Features. Double-check that your windshield wipers and blinders are in working condition.

Travel Planning

  • Carry an emergency kit with flashlights, first-aid kids, batteries, and jumper cables.
  • Don’t let the gas level get below a quarter of a tank; stop for gas when you can.
  • Plan your route ahead of time by using your GPS and knowing what exit to take.
  • Lock your vehicle whenever you leave it, and keep valuables out of sight.
  • Make sure all passengers are using seat belts and children are in safety seats.
  • Plan for pit stops but be flexible in case you need to stop and sleep during the trip.

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