How To Check For Car Seat Recalls

Where To Check For Recalls

In an effort to improve roadway safety conditions both in and out of a vehicle, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) maintains a database of recalled cars, parts, and child seats. By visiting their website, you can access the entire list of recalled car seats and child restraints from the last ten years. Read on to learn more about what you can specifically search for.

How To Use The NHTSA System

Figuring out if your car seat has been recalled is as easy as typing in the brand name or model into the search bar at the top of the recall page. If you are currently having specific issues but don’t know the model, you can also search by keywords to see complaints over the last five years.

To make this information more widely accessible, the NHTSA developed the SaferCar app that will enable you to conveniently access recall information from your mobile device and even set up alerts for your vehicle and equipment. You can also report any issues you are having within the app.

How Often Should I Check For Recalls?

The NHTSA’s recall list is updated daily, and even car seats manufactured over a decade ago could be recalled today. Fortunately, by registering your car or booster seat with the NHTSA, you will automatically be updated if there are any safety recalls or concerns with your specific make and model. In these notices, you will also be informed of the particular defects and issues they may cause for children, as well as what you can do to correct the issue free of charge.

We Can Help Keep Your Family Safe.

Having a properly installed car seat has proven to reduce the risk of injury in a crash by 71-82%. By actively ensuring that the one you are using is correctly installed, NHTSA compliant, and free from recalls, you are giving your child the best chance of remaining safe in a collision.

If you report a problem with your car seat and the manufacturer does not remedy the issue, you could be entitled to compensation if your child sustains an injury. To discuss your potential legal options, contact Chatham Gilder Howell Pittman PLLC today by calling (662) 222-0597.