Evidence To Collect At A Car Accident Scene

The measures you take immediately following a car accident will play a large role in the compensation you recover after the crash. Learn some of the most important pieces of evidence to collect after an accident to protect your rights.

What Evidence To Collect After A Car Accident

In this day and age, and with the digitalization of information, it’s easier than ever to gather the evidence you need after a car accident.

If you are physically able to do so following a crash, make sure to collect the following pieces of information to support your claim that you were not at-fault in the accident:

  • Photos of property damage sustained during the crash
  • Photos of injuries sustained during the crash
  • A copy of the responding officer’s police report
  • Contact information from the other driver and any witnesses
  • Copies of all medical treatment received after the crash
  • Footage from any nearby traffic cameras

The aforementioned evidence will help your case monumentally, and will further bolster your justification for your recovery of damages.

Nonetheless, insurance companies can be difficult to deal with sometimes—even with a mountain of evidence from a car accident. If you have been injured in a car accident and are now struggling to recover the compensation you deserve from your insurance company, contact The Lawyers That Listen today.

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