Eliminating Common Hazards Around Your Home

Creating a safe, hazard-free environment is essential for your safety as well as the safety of your family, friends, and visitors. In our experience, there are common hazards that lurk in residential properties. Below, we discuss how to prevent these common hazards so you can avoid injuries on your property and avoid a potential premises liability case.

Common Hazards

  • Swimming Pools. Supervise all children, don’t rely on floatation devices, learn CPR, avoid running, install a four-sided fence
  • Slip, Trip, and Falls. Stabilize staircases, clean outdoor steps, dry spills, cover slippery surfaces, cover cords, corral toys
  • Dog Bites. Socialize animals, avoid risky situations, put dogs away when unfamiliar guests are over, give warnings
  • Fires. Install fire alarms, buy fire extinguishers, monitor burning candles, unplug unused appliances
  • Burns. Use back burners, latch the dishwasher, add stove knob covers, push hot drinks away from edges
  • Lacerations. Store kitchen tools properly, lockup bathroom sharps, put away yard tools, cover sharp corners or ends

There is nothing more important than keeping your loved ones safe. Knowing the most common home hazards and what precautions you need to take can ease your stress and give you peace of mind.

On the other hand, if you are injured at someone else’s home because of one of the hazards listed above or another reason altogether, our Mississippi premises liability attorneys can gather all the evidence needed to ensure you physically, emotionally, and financially recover.

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