Don’t Let an Insurer Undervalue Your Claim

One of the most frustrating aspects of suffering a serious injury is dealing with an insurance company that is giving you the runaround. Insurance companies are notorious for denying coverage, undervaluing your claim, or asking people to sign away their right to legal action. Do not be one of the millions of people who makes mistakes with an insurance carrier each year. Speak immediately with an experienced attorney who knows how to work with insurance representatives and who will ensure your rights are protected.

Since 2000, the law office of Chatham Gilder Howell Pittman PLLC, has helped personal injury victims whose insurance companies have offered low settlements or have outright denied their claim. We are personal injury attorneys with 54 years of combined legal experience, and we have built a track record of success handling difficult insurance claims issues.

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What to Do if Your Claim Is Denied

Insurance companies collect premiums from their customers each year, yet often make it difficult for injured people to collect under their policies. Unfortunately, many Mississippi and Tennessee residents find out how difficult it is to negotiate with insurance carriers only after filing a claim. In these cases, they either give up or accept an amount well below the true value of their potential claim.

At our firm, we step in to manage negotiations and ensure you receive the amount of compensation you are truly entitled to, not merely what an insurance representative says your injuries are worth.

Insurance companies are self-interested and their profits increase when they deny a policyholder’s claim. This is common, yet many people are left confused how an insurance carrier is motivated by helping themselves instead of a customer in need. With our experience on your side, we can evaluate your denied claim together, analyze your policy (or the policy of the party who caused your injuries) and get you the money you need to cover the full extent of your injuries.

You do not have to fight insurance companies on your own. The insurance policy defense lawyers at our firm are knowledgeable, aggressive and always work hard to protect a client’s interests. Do not delay — get the help you need from lawyers who care.

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