Distracted Driving Laws in Mississippi

Distracted driving remains one of the most common causes of car accidents in the U.S. One of the most dangerous of these distractions includes the use of cell phones while driving. Not only do these devices require drivers to take their eyes and hands off the wheel, but operating a cell phone also requires motorists to take their minds off of driving. That’s why there are some major distracted driving laws in place in Mississippi.

Major Distracted Driving Laws

The National Safety Council reports that 1 in 4 accidents are caused by texting and driving. To help promote safer roads, each state has its own variation of laws regarding the use of cell phones while driving. Below, we discuss these laws in Mississippi.

Talking And Texting

Drivers in Mississippi have no restrictions when it comes to making or receiving phone calls. It is not illegal to talk on the phone while driving.

Mississippi law does, however, prohibit all drivers from using a handheld device to:

  • Write, send, or read text messages (this includes instant messages, email, and regular text messages)
  • Access, read, or post to social media

Exceptions And Other Device Use

There are exceptions when it comes to Mississippi’s texting and driving law, including:

  • Hands-free use, such as a voice-operated device
  • Emergency, traffic, or weather alerts
  • Messages related to the navigation or operation of a vehicle

Not only can drivers face fines and tickets for illegally using a cell phone while driving, but they endanger everyone on the road. Remember, sending a text is never worth this danger. It’s always better to wait until you reach your destination or pull over so you aren’t multitasking behind the wheel.

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