An Injury Crash Can Be a Big Pain: Here’s What to Do

You have just been involved in a motor vehicle wreck, and emotions are running high. You feel pain in your body, and you are frustrated because you believe another driver’s negligence behind the wheel caused your injury accident.

Although the aftermath of the crash may be chaotic, certain steps are essential to take at the accident scene to protect your best interests long term. Here is a rundown of what to do following an injury crash that was not your fault.

First steps after an injury crash

As soon as the crash has occurred, it is paramount that you remain at the scene. If you try to leave the scene to get medical help, for example, you may end up facing severe criminal penalties associated with a hit-and-run charge.

If you are able, you can check on every driver and passenger involved in the collision. Medical attention can be sought for anybody in need of it. In addition, you may want to contact the police. The officer’s report will be of use to if you pursue compensation for your injuries.

Next steps

While you are at the collision scene, you can exchange information with the driver you believe caused your accident. The information you may want to obtain includes the following:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Driver’s license number
  • License plate number
  • Car insurance information

While speaking with the other driver, however, it is best to avoid making any apologies for anything that happened leading up to the accident. Even though it may seem like the polite thing to do, you could end up inadvertently admitting fault for the crash — the exact opposite of what you would like to happen.

Your rights as a personal injury crash victim

If someone else’s carelessness caused you to suffer injuries in a motor vehicle accident, it is within your rights to seek compensation by filing a personal injury claim in a Mississippi civil court.

If you win your claim, you might receive a monetary damage award that may help you cover your medical costs as well as the loss of income due to being unable to go to work for an extended period of time. A monetary damage award in a successfully fought injury crash suit may also help you to address emotional distress and pain and suffering stemming from the collision.