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5 Common Causes of Warehouse Accidents

Over the last decade, America experienced a warehouse building boom. Warehouses have been built across Shelby County, Tennessee, and Desoto, Marshall and Tate counties in Mississippi to meet the increased demand for online shopping in the Memphis metro area. Many people are happy to have the increased job opportunities and higher wages they bring. But warehouse jobs are also risky.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, injuries suffered by warehouse workers are skyrocketing. And this is just the official data, which we know is not 100% accurate since large warehouse owners keep getting fined for improperly reporting injury data.

Below is a rundown of the top five injuries the Chatham Gilder Howell Pittman team has helped injured warehouse workers seek compensation for by filing workers’ compensation claims and personal injury lawsuits.

1. Slip, Trip, and Fall Accidents

Warehouse workers suffer serious injuries in slip, trip, and fall accidents at a much higher rate than other workers. Warehouses are full of materials and machinery that cause these accidents, which happen more frequently when workers are encouraged to rush.

2. Injuries from Lifting, Pushing, Pulling, or Reaching

Given the nature of warehouse work, it should come as no surprise that many employees suffer injuries from lifting, pushing, pulling, or reaching. Employers claim they are reducing the risk of these injuries by requiring workers to stretch, take breaks, and use robot assistants, but the reality is warehouse work is tough on your body.

3. Forklift Accidents

Driving a forklift is an art, and not every worker is a Michelangelo. Each year thousands of people are hurt in forklift accidents. User error, inadequate training, and poor maintenance cause most of these accidents.

4. Exposure to Dangerous Materials

Warehouses are full of substances that can harm humans if not properly handled. Caustic chemicals, cleaning solutions, and even dust and other particulates can cause serious injuries to those who are exposed to them.

5. Fires

Most warehouses are full of flammable materials. When proper safety procedures are not followed, fires can rip through the workplace, causing severe injuries. These fires are often caused by improper wiring or poor maintenance and are made worse by a lack of fire extinguishers and a failure to train employees on what to do if a fire breaks out.

The Lawyers That Listen

The Chatham Gilder Howell Pittman team is here to assist warehouse workers in our area who have suffered on-the-job injuries. During our decades in practice, we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients in Shelby County, Tennessee, and Desoto, Marshall, and Tate counties in Mississippi by filing workers’ compensation claims and personal injury lawsuits.

If you are ready to work with an experienced team of attorneys who will listen to your story and help get you the compensation you deserve, it is time to contact our office and set up a meeting.

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