3 Ways To Keep Trick-Or-Treaters Safe This Halloween

Halloween is a beloved holiday for many reasons, most of all for kids being trick-or-treating. While you’re putting the finishing touches on your child’s costume or heading out to a costume contest yourself, know what you can be doing to keep all individuals safe on this night.

#1. Teach Roadway Safety To Trick or Treaters

Teaching your child the best practices for crossing the street, including where and when, can be one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep them safe from an early age. When they are able to understand what a crosswalk is, when is the right time to cross, and how to interact with drivers while crossing, you may feel more comfortable letting them venture out for trick-or-treating alone.

Along with this, Halloween is infamous for causing an increase in pedestrian accidents— sometimes by double the rates of other days. Increasing your visibility when walking on or near the road can help drivers be able to see you better. Try adding reflective stickers or materials to your child’s costume and having them carry a flashlight for extra visibility. Walk on the right side of the roadway in the same direction as traffic to increase the time you are visible to traffic on the neighborhood roadways without sidewalks.

#2. Drivers Should Understand Their Shared Responsibility

Halloween is known for trick-or-treating, which means pedestrian traffic is significantly higher on this night than others. Drivers should understand that while pedestrians should be mindful of the road rules, they have a responsibility to keep pedestrians safe too. Here are three easy ways you can do that:

  • Significantly decrease your speed in residential areas or those that have a high volume of foot traffic.
  • Limit distractions behind the wheel, like electronic devices and loud music, when in an area where pedestrians might be more prominent.
  • Understand that you have a heightened duty of care when you realize that children are out on or around the roadway and adjust your speed accordingly
  • Never get behind the wheel when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

#3. Have A Backup Plan

As with any other night, you may want to have a backup plan in mind in case of emergency, inclement weather, or if your child gets tired easily or has sensory overload. While this plan may look different for each scenario, they can all result in needing to have alternative activities in mind to keep the spooky spirit alive, including:

  • Build a fort and have a festive movie night.
  • Carve or paint pumpkins.
  • Decorate the house and have a Halloween-themed meal.

No matter how your family chooses to celebrate the holiday, make it a safe one.

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