3 Driving Tips For The Holiday Season

Stay Safe This Holiday Season By Improving Highway Safety

The last thing anyone wants to experience during the holiday season is a collision that leaves them injured. Fortunately, there are many things you can do during this time of year to decrease your risk of this. Here are three tips:

1. Be Mindful of Inclement Weather

Winter weather can be unpredictable in many parts of Mississippi; because of this, it is always best to know how to adjust your driving style as the weather changes. Remember: certain roadway areas like bridges or turns may become more dangerous in wet or icy conditions, so know to decrease your speed and scan for slick spots during this time of year.

2. Plan Your Holiday Trip in Advance

An estimated 104.8 million people traveled by car during the 2019 winter holiday season—the highest number since AAA began tracking these traffic fluctuations in 2000. Since increased roadway traffic during the holidays is always expected, planning your trip with these delays in mind is the safest option. Doing so may allow you to account for road closures, stop-and-go traffic, and any breaks you need to take along the way.

When you plan your trip with these in mind, you can avoid feeling like you’re in a rush and needing to speed or practice other reckless driving behaviors to get to your festivities on time.

3. Avoid Drinking & Driving

Winter holidays, unfortunately, record an alcohol-related fatality rate almost 10% higher than the national average. As such, motorists should do their part to avoid driving when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is also a good idea to be cautious when driving late at night, as this is often when the most drunk driving accidents occur.

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