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Unfortunately injured workers experience pushback from their employer or the insurance company when filing a workers’ comp claim. Some have been told that their injuries are not covered by workers’ compensation or that they aren’t that bad. In other cases, claims are simply denied for a variety of reasons.

Common Issues Filing A Workers’ Comp Claim

Employers may make a situation worse by failing to file reports in a timely manner or forgetting to file the necessary paperwork to start processing a claim. These delays can all add to and possibly jeopardize a legitimate claim.

Common Mistakes Injured Workers Make When Filing A Claim

Employers and insurers aren’t the only pieces of a workers’ compensation claim. Workers may find that their actions are to blame for delays or denied claims.

Some common mistakes workers make include:

  • Failing to report an injury in a timely manner
  • Not filing a claim because they believe they will get fired for reporting a workplace accident
  • Not seeking medical attention soon after an accident
  • Giving too much information to the insurer
  • Not giving enough information to the insurer
  • Stopping medical treatments before getting the all clear from the doctor
  • Waiting too long to file a claim

While Filing A Claim Is Important

Workers’ compensation benefits in Mississippi cover all work-related injuries and occupational illnesses. It allows an injured worker to recover:

  • Lost wages, which are limited to two-thirds of a worker’s weekly wage and is subject to a maximum weekly amount
  • Temporary disability if a worker is under the continued care of a doctor and still unable to work
  • Permanent disability if a worker is unable to return to work because of their injury or illness
  • Medical expenses, including doctor’s visits, medical treatments, medications, and physical therapy
  • Mileage reimbursements for travel to and from appointments and treatment
  • Death benefits paid to the surviving spouse and dependents of a worker killed during their course of duties
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Although most workers’ compensation claims can be settled without issue, disputes do arise that may require the presence of an attorney. You should retain the services of a lawyer at our firm who has decades of experience handling workers’ compensation claims. Our attorneys can not only review your case and your injuries, we can also help you determine if a lawsuit is needed against a third party.

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