Southaven & Hernando Social Security & Disability Appeal Lawyer

At Chatham Gilder Howell Pittman, we understand you’ve jumped through many hoops trying to secure Social Security Disability benefits (SSD/SSDI). You may feel a sense of hopelessness not knowing if you will ever secure the benefits you need to make ends meet. If your SSD/SSDI claim was initially denied and is at the reconsideration stage, our attorney can help file an appeal and request to have a hearing before an administrative law judge. This is the first opportunity for your case to be presented directly to the person responsible to decide if you qualify for disability benefits.

Help Handling Your SSDI or SSI Appeal

Our work in helping you secure disability benefits begins long before your hearing in front of an administrative law judge. We will take the time to make sure we have the right medical evidence illustrating a clear picture of your disability. We will work with your medical doctor and may have you see additional specialists who can provide an honest assessment of your medical condition.

Before the hearing, we are available to address your concerns and hear any additional information you may have about your condition or attempts to rejoin the workforce. We want you to feel confident knowing we will be a united front explaining to the administrative law judge why you need disability benefits.

Administrative Law Hearings

The administrative law hearings are private and fairly informal. During the administrative hearing:

  • We will present your medical records
  • A medical expert or vocational expert could be asked to testify to help determine if your claim is valid
  • The administrative law judge will likely ask you questions about your medical condition

This is a prime opportunity for the judge to hear how your disability has threatened your ability to work. We will make sure you feel prepared for this opportunity to present your case in front of a real person who will make a ruling on your case and your SSI or SSDI appeal.

The Benefits Of Working With Us

For over 100 combined years, we have been able to secure favorable resolutions for many of our clients at this stage. You can feel confident facing this time of uncertainty with our experience on your side.

The administrative hearing is a critical step in your journey to secure SSDI/SSD benefits. We are fully prepared to present your case with the right medical evidence illustrating the extent of your disability. Contact our lawyers for a free consultation to learn how we can maximize your chances of securing disability benefits.

Get Help With Your Case Today

The best investment you can make is to select an SSD/SSDI appeals attorney highly experienced in handling denied claims. We know what it takes to present your claim with the right evidence illustrating the extent of your medical condition.

When experience matters, contact Chatham Gilder Howell Pittman  for a free initial consultation.

Chatham Gilder Howell Pittman helps with social security and disability appeals throughout Northern Mississippi including the cities of Southaven and Hernando as well as the counties of DeSoto, Marshall, Tate, and Tunica.