Types Of Car Crash Impacts Injuries That Might Occur

People who are injured in car crashes sometimes decide to seek compensation for the damages. When this occurs, the circumstances of the accident sometimes come into the picture. One of the points that might matter is what type of crash the person was involved in.

The type of crash matters because it can have a direct impact on the types of injuries that can occur. Here are a few common types of car crashes that may come up in personal injury cases:

Side Impact Car Crash

Side impact crashes often happen at intersections when one car doesn’t yield the right of way to the other car. In many cases, it is very clear who is at fault for this type of accident. The injuries from these crashes can be serious because there isn’t as much between the occupants in the car that’s struck and the other vehicle than what is present when the impact is head on or from the rear.

Rear-end Car Crash

A rear end accident can range from very minor to catastrophic, depending on the circumstances. The size and weight of the vehicles, as well as the speed have an effect on the severity. One thing to remember about rear-end crashes is that they can lead to serious injuries even when they don’t seem like they are all that bad.

Whiplash is one of the possible injuries in this type of accident. In some cases, rear end accidents are part of a chain reaction in a multi-vehicle incident. This could mean that cars in the middle are actually crushed from more than one side. It could also mean that medical care is delayed.

Low impact

Low impact crashes occur at speeds of less than 10 miles per hour. Very rarely are these associated with injuries. In most cases, they will come with only scratches and dents on the vehicle. Parking lots are the most common location for low impact crashes, but they could also occur in other locations such as a traffic jam in which traffic isn’t really flowing at all.

Head on

Head on crashes are often devastating because they usually involve two vehicles moving toward each other, sometimes at high speeds. When this happens, the force of the impact is greater than in other types of accidents. This type of crash has a good chance of being fatal, especially if it happens on the interstate, such as I-55.

In all of these types of accidents, you have to be prepared to take action if you are injured. One option that you have is to seek compensation so that you can try to recover some of the money you are out of because of someone else’s actions.

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