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Few people walk away from motorcycle accidents without some level of injury. Whether it's road rash, broken bones, a head injury, or other trauma, a motorcyclist involved in a crash will likely need medical attention afterward. In some cases, riders aren't that lucky, leaving grieving loved ones to wonder what happened and why.

At Chatham Gilder Howell Pittman PLLC, we help injured motorcyclists and their families seek the compensation needed to cover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, disability, funeral and burial expenses, and other damages caused by a serious or fatal crash.

We are there for you and your family during your hour of need, helping you take legal action against a negligent party and helping you recover fair compensation. Call 662-222-0597 today for a free consultation. Serving Hernando, Olive Branch, Southaven and all of North Mississippi.

Liability and Motorcycle Accidents

Most motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers who don't check for bikes or because the driver is distracted in some way. This can be proven by evidence such as skid marks, witness statements, and vehicle damage. Even though the driver of the four-wheeled vehicle may be apologetic after the accident, it's important to collect and preserve evidence of liability in case the other driver changes his or her story later.

In Mississippi, your recovery in a motorcycle crash can be reduced by any percentage of fault that is assigned to you. Even in a case where the other vehicle makes a left-hand turn in front of you, the driver may say you were at fault for speeding, which can limit the amount of money you receive from insurance. Comparative negligence can create major problems when trying to recover damages for injuries, such as disfigurement and scarring. Talking to an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help you understand what not to say after a crash to ensure maximum compensation.

What to Do About Uninsured or Underinsured Motorists

Motorcycle accident victims may be laid up for weeks or months after an accident. If the other driver does not have enough insurance to pay for your damages, our lawyers will look for other sources of compensation. One possible source is your own uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage (UM/UIM). If you own several vehicles, you may be able to stack UM/UIM coverage to provide full compensation for everything you have lost, even if the other driver had minimal or no insurance.

To have a UM/UIM claim in Mississippi, your bike must make contact with the other vehicle. If you laid down your bike and did not strike the other vehicle, you may not have a claim. Even though you are dealing with your own insurance company, it's important to have an attorney protect your interests. In Tennessee, you have to have witnessed from outside of your vehicle to prove the existence of an uninsured vehicle if there is no contact. For this reason, finding witnesses is incredibly important.

For a free and confidential consultation, contact our law offices in Southaven or Hernando to speak to a lawyer today. Call 662-222-0597. There are no fees unless we recover compensation for you.

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