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Third-Party Liability in Car Accidents

Third-Party Liability in Car Accidents

Can a Third Party Be Held Liable in a Crash?

While most car accidents are caused by at least one driver involved in the collision, there are several instances in which another party or entity may be held responsible for damages. Mississippi observes a "pure comparative negligence" doctrine when determining accident fault, so it's crucial to understand who all can be held liable in a crash.

Under this doctrine, the compensation awarded may be reduced by the percentage of fault you contributed. This is why knowing how third parties can affect your case is vital for making your claim. Here are some of the ways in which a third party may be held responsible.

Vehicle Manufacturers

Vehicle manufacturers have a duty to ensure their products will not harm others—this is why companies may be required to issue recalls, and lemon laws exist. When defective parts cause handling issues, fire hazards, or transmission/engine failures that contribute to an accident, the company may be held liable.

Negligent Entrustment

There are many instances in which the vehicle owner can be held liable for a crash even if they aren't driving it at the time of the incident. This is known as "negligent entrustment" and often occurs in cases involving a teenager or employee.

Under this law, should a vehicle owner entrust their car to a motorist who is knowingly negligent/reckless, unlicensed, or intoxicated, the owner could be held responsible for any damages that the individual causes.

Social Host and Dram Shop Laws

In mid-2011, Mississippi passed laws that affect liability in DUI cases known as "social host" and "dram shop" laws. Under the "social host" laws, an adult who knowingly provides alcohol to someone underage or allows them to drink on their property may face punitive damages along with accident liability.

Additionally, alcohol vendors (bars, restaurants, etc.) that unlawfully sell alcohol to underage individuals or someone who is visually intoxicated may be held liable for any damages they go on to cause.

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