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Has Your Loved One Exhibited Signs of Nursing Home Abuse?

Has Your Loved One Exhibited Signs of Nursing Home Abuse?

When an elderly loved one needs more care than you can realistically provide, you may find yourself at a conflicting point. Should you attempt to provide the care on your own anyway? Should you hire in-home assistance? Should you place your loved one in a nursing home? The decision is often a difficult one for many Mississippi residents to make, but in the best interests of their family members, they often must come to some sort of conclusion.

Commonly, parties will choose to utilize nursing home facilities in hopes that their loved ones will receive the necessary care to help them live as best as possible. Of course, you may have concerns that nursing home abuse could take place, and unfortunately, these worries are not unwarranted as many details could point to such abuse.

Poor hygiene

Often, individuals in nursing homes need assistance with the majority of their daily tasks. These activities often include those relating to personal hygiene. Staff members are expected to help residents with bathing, dressing, combing their hair, brushing their teeth and other similar duties. If you notice your loved one is wearing dirty clothes, has an unkempt appearance, smells or shows other signs of poor hygiene, the staff may have neglected him or her.

Poor nutrition

Again, nursing home residents often rely on staff for the majority of their needs. Therefore, they typically need help from staff members when it comes to getting food, eating and drinking. If staff members neglect patients, they may show signs of malnutrition, dehydration and other issues.


Unfortunately, nursing home abuse can also take a physical form. Staff members may treat patients too roughly and cause injuries, or they may not provide enough attention and assistance to prevent falls. Some staff members may try to explain away injuries in attempt to cover abuse, but you should remain vigilant in determining exactly how injuries occurred.

Personality changes

Your loved one could even exhibit personality changes because of abuse and neglect. If he or she had a talkative and friendly personality only to turn quiet, frightened or hostile, he or she may be presenting the effects of living in an abusive environment.

Dealing with abuse

If you believe your loved one has been abused while in a nursing home facility, you may wish to take swift action against the facility and other liable parties. Filing a legal claim could help you seek restitution for damages suffered by your loved one and your family as a whole because of neglectful or otherwise abusive actions.


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