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Consider These 2 Causes of Semitruck Crashes

Consider These 2 Causes of Semitruck Crashes

Semitruck crashes are sometimes devastating for the victims. Some might decide that they are going to seek compensation for the injuries that they suffer.

A major factor when you are developing your personal injury case is the cause of the crash. There are two serious causes of semitruck crashes that you should consider if the accident was the fault of the big rig's driver.

Trucker distraction

Driving a semitruck takes a lot of concentration, so trying to do other things behind the wheel isn't a good idea. Truckers can become distracted by a host of things, including their smartphones. In fact, texting while driving a semitruck is something at which the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has specifically issued warnings.

There are other things that can distract people operating semitrucks. These include operating a GPS device, trying to read delivery instructions, reaching for things in the cab, manipulating climate control or the radio and eating or drinking. Even things that you wouldn't think that a trucker would do, such as grooming activities or putting on makeup, could lead to distractions.

The distractions that truckers face include anything that can take the trucker's mind or eyes off the road or their hands off the wheel. All of these work together for the trucker to drive safely. When any component of safe driving is missing, a trucking accident might occur.

Trucker fatigue

Truckers need to be well rested when they drive. This is one reason why there are limits to how long they can drive and what type of rest breaks they must take. However, lack of sleep isn't the only thing that can lead to fatigue serious enough that it impacts a trucker's driving abilities.

Medical conditions, such as sleep apnea and diabetes, can lead to fatigue, as can being overweight and out of shape. Even stress, riding in a hot and stuffy cab or driving on familiar roads can cause truckers to doze off at the wheel. Nighttime highway hypnosis is another issue, as the lights of the oncoming vehicles might cause drivers' eyes to get tired and droopy.

Truckers face many hazards when they drive, but it is up to the truckers and the trucking companies to try to minimize them. Making sure that the truckers have ample time to meet deadlines is one way that this risk can be mitigated, as then they won't feel the need to rush, speed or bypass sleep in an effort to meet their deadlines.


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